Tortoise Shells

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We’re going to look into some fascinating facts about tortoise shells as we look into the biology of tortoises including their development and how they’ve come to hold a lot of our fascination with their slow moving yet long lived lifestyle. A lot of people searching for a tortoise available would be amazed to know how unique they’re.

They’ve evolved to live in thin rocky islands in the middle of the sea, lush jungles from the Amazon, deserts in Africa and the cold steppes of Russia. All this while carrying big and heavy domed shells made from bone in their backs. Some tortoises feed plant and grasses while others feed on fruits and carrion.

The tortoise shell is a set of bones that are joined together at visible sutures called scutes. These bones form the top and bottom half of the shell called the carapace and the plastron. The carapace is linked to the ribcage and the backbone of the tortoise and functions to protect these slow moving animals from predators and the elements. This exact same apparatus used for security is what has caused the demise of several tortoises as they’re hunted and killed for the use of the shells by humans.

Several years ago sailors passing through the Galapagos Islands caused the extinction of some Giant Tortoise species by collecting them . Tortoises were easy to grab and load on a boat where they would last for weeks and supply fresh meat into the sailors at sea. At precisely the exact same time tortoises through Asia and India were collated and murdered for the use of the beautiful shells in making cubes, eyeglass frames and other fancy ornaments. Using plastics did a lot to curb this destruction of tortoises in addition to the enactment of numerous protective laws designed to stop the eradication of tortoise species.

These gorgeous long lived animals can spend their whole lives in the same small area or roam a long distance as they search for food, mates and land to create their own. Tortoises in captivity quickly become part of the family with their endearing nature and endless curiosity. You must always do your research first if you’re considering picking up a tortoise for sale.

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